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Helical gear transmission

We are the leading spiral gearbox manufacturer in Ontario, Canada.

Helical gear transmission

Helical gear box

RS 9,500 / object

Minimum order quantity: 1 of

Classified by brand Transmission gear
Usage/application Industrial application
power 0.5hp to 10.hp
Ingredients cast iron
Gear type spiral shape
place of origin Made in Canada

We are located in Ontario and are considered a manufacturer and exporter of various electric motors such as helical gear motors.Equipped with the best quality cast iron housing and gears and pinions made of hard alloy steel, this special gear motor is developed using advanced heat treatment methods.This kind of helical gear motor consists of a three-phase motor.Provide foot installation and flange installation design, the gear motor provided is appreciated for its noiseless function, light weight, high heat dissipation rate and smooth operating system.



Range: 0.5 HP to 10 HP

Output speed: 32 ​​to 400 rpm

Motor: 415 V, 50 Hz, three-phase AC power supply

Type: foot mounting, flange mounting, in-line gear motor

extra information:

  • Production capacity: 500

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